Biking Benefits Everyone

Jay Walljasper posted a new Yes Magazine article on April 2, 2012, How Biking Benefits Everyone – Just because someone doesn’t bike, doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from cities and towns making biking a priority. here are a few excerpts from the article”

  • …across America, biking and walking account for 12 percent of all trips but receive only 1.6 percent of federal funding.
  • The political forces that want to steer policies back to the 1950s—when cars and highways were seen as the only way to go—have consistently failed to muster enough votes to shift federal transportation funding into reverse. There are several reason for this, but one of the most surprising is the emergence of bicycle advocates—and to a lesser extent pedestrian advocates—as a persuasive political lobby.
  • Groups like the Alliance for Biking and Walkingthe League of American BicyclistsAmerica BikesBikes BelongRails to Trails ConservancyPeople for BikesAmerica Walks and others emphasize the message that the biking and walking benefit everyone
  • The number of Americans who commute primarily by bike leaped 43 percent since 2000 according to census data. The number of overall bike trips rose 25 percent.

A movement linked in the “Yes” article is the Green Lane Project. This group also has grant funding for  bikeways and advocacy, Bikes Belong Grants. Here is a short video providing and overview of their work.