Lessons from Cleveland

Cleveland’s inner city neighborhoods are seeing steady growth. For the last 20 years the inner city is growing faster than the suburbs and the surrounding  5 counties. While this shift to smarter more compact more sustainable living patterns is good news, Cleveland has lost 17% of its population in the past decade. Here is a Rober L. Smith article on Cleveland.com, Cleveland’s inner city is growing faster than its suburbs as young adults flock downtown. Here are a couple of excerpts from the article:

Not to say anyone will mistake downtown Cleveland for Chicago. Even after two decades of unprecedented growth, the population within walking distance of Public Square approaches only 10,000 people (compared to 29,000 in Chicago’s Loop). Many urban planners see 20,000 to 25,000 residents the threshold for creating a natural, self-sustaining downtown neighborhood, one that attracts grocery stores and schools.

…the current rate of churn indicates twentysomethings will replace the departing thirtysomethings…the city needs to offer a broader range of amenities, including a quality elementary school and safer streets, to create a stable neighborhood.



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