What could a “Rooftop Revolution” look like?

The cost of on-site solar energy conintues to fall about 6-10% a year while the cost of grid-delivered power plant generated electricity continues to increase at approximately 2 % per year. The Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) has published two recent articles on their Energy web site, Rooftop Revolution: Changing Everything with Cost-Effective Local Solar and Minnesota’s First Community Solar Project is Minnesota Made provide information about the solar trend to distributed power. Below is the ILSR report on the Rooftop Revolution mentioned in the linked article above.

On-site solar is one means of achieving a distributed power grid. ISLR research can be helpful as we grow a collaboration to describe outcome characteristics, opportunities and strategies for 21st century neighborhood infrastrucuture. Among the areas of research focus for ISLR are banking, biomaterials, broadband, energy, independent business, the public good and waste to wealth.


More on Fuel Cells – Strong Market Growth in 2011

The Department of Energy (DOE) EERE (Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy) News posted an article today, September 6, 2012: New Energy Department Report Shows Strong Growth in the Fuel Cell Market in 2011. The article announces a report released today, 2011 Fuel Cell Technologies Market Report. Additional market reports for 2007-2010  and additioanl DOE reports concerning fuel cell technologies can be downloaded here. Here is an excerpt from the article:

The growth of the fuel cell industry compliments the Department’s commitment to U.S. leadership in innovative fuel cell technologies that give American businesses more options to cut energy costs and reduce petroleum use. The Energy Department’s fuel cell research and development efforts have successfully generated more than 300 patents and enabled more than 30 technologies getting to market. At the same time, fuel cell durability has doubled, expensive platinum content has been reduced by a factor of five, and the cost of fuel cells has fallen 80% since 2002.