State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI) Report on Transportation Revenue Sources

SSTI Report on State and Local Transportation Revenue Sources (SSTI, 2013) This SSTI report examines innovative, sustainable transportation funding models to assist decision-makers in identifying policies and practices to augment the current fuel tax revenue system. The report provides a broad account of these funding methods, where they have been implemented or proposed, and identifies state laws, policies, and practices that permit state DOTs and local governments to pursue a more sustainable funding model. The report, completed with the participation of North Carolina DOT, as well as Arizona, Illinois,Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington DOTs, suggests ways multiple revenue sources might be packaged to support and maintain transportation systems.


Allendale Neighborhood “LOOP IT” Members Take Action

Three members of the growing “LOOP IT” movement in Allendale Neighborhood of Shreveport, Louisiana have filed a complaint against NLCOG and its representatives. The following letter was sent on December 17, 2012 following the three stage 1 public meetings held during December 2012 to promote the proposed 3.5 mile, $500 million, I-49 Inner City Connector (12.17.12 complaint to NLCOG signed).

To date NLCOG has not responded to the complaint which does not appear to comply with their published rules on how they will deal with complaints and respond within 10 days. You can learn more about this developing story from a previous post on this site, Loop-It Neighborhood Group Progress Update.Here is another post that tells the story of the three public meetings with links to news broadcasts, Public Process? or Public Assisted Neighborhood Suicide?

This week the Shreveprot Times ran a small article that was forwarded to me. This article quotes NLCOG as stating that 60% of the votes using their cards favored a “no build” option and that after they talked to those voting that fell to 50%. What did they say to pursuade voters to alter their vote? It is our understanding that NLCOG did not count the write-in ballots of LOOP IT that numbered over 100 uncounted ballots proposing the existing loop and a new ground level business boulevard.

LOOP-IT Neighborhood Group Progress Update 1.12.13

Allendale neighborhood residents are organizing to redirect efforts of local transportation planners and political interests to destroy their neighborhood with a proposed inner city limited access expressway named I-49 Inner-City Connector. The LOOP IT proposal that is shown on maps in the attached documents is:

  1. Trough Traffic – Loop through traffic using existing Highway 3132 and I-220 at no cost.
  2. Local Traffic – Invest in a ground level business boulevard by upgrading exisitng Market Street (US Highway 71) and connecting to I-49 South.

Allendale residents are growing their capacity as community leaders to engage in civil disobedience against injustices being directed at them by local elected leaders and transportation planning bureaucracies that are stuck in thinking about transportation in outdated ways. These expensive and destructive roads to nowhere have proved to destroy neighborhoods and expand the footprint of metro areas in ways that are ecologically and economically unsustainable. The posts on this “agile planning” web site that are tagged I-49 connectortell the story of a trend that Allendale residents have joined to make Shreveport better. This trend represents a national challenge for the 21st century – undoing the damage of inner city expressways and redirecting attempts at new city killer road projects. The following documents are updates on petitions for the LOOP IT Group alternative to the NLCOG neighborhood killer expressway proposals and letters to our senators and congressman asking for their help.

The following petition includes 165 signatures. LOOPIT petitions 

The following are letters written to the Washington Senators and Congressman that represent Allendale residents. These letters were written during a letter writing meeting at Our Lady of Blessed Sacrament Church during an evening LOOP IT meeting on January 10, 2013 meeting.

More Evidence – Inner Expressway TEAR DOWNS Restore Cities

Sara Goodyear posted an article on Grist, Tearing Down highways that Choke Our Cities, that features the following video with John Norquist narrating.

In Seattle a battle is in progress over a bigger is better highway proposal promoted by highway welfare interests that are pushing Seattle’s version of the Boston Big Dig, an old syle mega billions of dollars project the country cannot afford. When you find you are in a hole you should stop digging. Fortunately for Seattle and the Country’s taxpayers a rising political star, Cary Moon, and People’s Waterfront Coalition are standing against the powerful interest that keep wasting public dollars on proven destructive transportation projects. Here is the story posted on Grist by David Roberts, Seattle’s impending car-centric mega-tunnel: a chat with urbanist Cary Moon.

Here is another story posted on Grist that is written by Kamala Rao, Seoul tears down an urban highway and the city can breathe again. Below are some pictures after the tear down. Note how homage was paid to the past mistake of the inner expressway by leaving a couple of elevated road supports as a reminder of a past mistake.

Cheonggyecheon in Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea's leftover concrete columns