Allendale Neighborhood “LOOP IT” Members Take Action

Three members of the growing “LOOP IT” movement in Allendale Neighborhood of Shreveport, Louisiana have filed a complaint against NLCOG and its representatives. The following letter was sent on December 17, 2012 following the three stage 1 public meetings held during December 2012 to promote the proposed 3.5 mile, $500 million, I-49 Inner City Connector (12.17.12 complaint to NLCOG signed).

To date NLCOG has not responded to the complaint which does not appear to comply with their published rules on how they will deal with complaints and respond within 10 days. You can learn more about this developing story from a previous post on this site, Loop-It Neighborhood Group Progress Update.Here is another post that tells the story of the three public meetings with links to news broadcasts, Public Process? or Public Assisted Neighborhood Suicide?

This week the Shreveprot Times ran a small article that was forwarded to me. This article quotes NLCOG as stating that 60% of the votes using their cards favored a “no build” option and that after they talked to those voting that fell to 50%. What did they say to pursuade voters to alter their vote? It is our understanding that NLCOG did not count the write-in ballots of LOOP IT that numbered over 100 uncounted ballots proposing the existing loop and a new ground level business boulevard.


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