A New Dallas – Removing Elevated IH345 Downtown

A proposal to tear down a 40 year old elevated limited-access freeway in downtown Dallas joins the growing list of communities that are awakening to the unsustainable negative impacts inner-city expressways have imposed on cities around the world. A New Dallas is a web site that explains a new vision for Dallas that builds the city in the downtown area devastated by the inner city IH345. Below is an illustration from the web site that shows the 245 acres of new development that can occur with the elimination of the elevated expressway that has reached the end of life and will require significant public reinvestment to continue to devalue the city around it.

The web site includes information about: vision, traffic, economics, public safety, FAQ, research and Support. The research section includes photos of other cities that are prospering from tearing down these destructive limited access expressways. The site includes an interesting quote from the Eisenhower Presidential Library concerning an April 6, 1960 meeting:

PRESIDENT EISENHOWER went on to say that the matter of running Interstate routes through the congested parts of the cities was entirely against his original concept and wishes; that he never anticipated that the program would turn out this way . . . and that he was certainly not aware of any concept of using the program to build up an extensive intra-city route network as part of the program he sponsored. He added that those who had not advised him that such was being done, and those who steered the program in such a direction, had not followed his wishes.


Austin proposal to reconnect the city – Bury I-35

Architects in Austin are exploring urban design concepts to reconnect the city that has been divided by I-35. Here is a link to a post, Should Austin Bury I-35?, with video that describes how burying the expressway and capping it with a park encourages development in a manner that can heal the city. The value of implementing the urban design concept is projected to more than offsets the project cost (approximately $550 million). Learn more about the project proposal at Reconnect Austin.

concept & illustration credit Credit Sinclair Black & Andrew Vernooy