Building “Better Blocks”

Here is a post on The Better Block, The Better Block Approach to Urban Planning, that compares the old hierarchical way of planning to a new way that engages the community in an empowering manner that informs citizens and grows their capacity. This organization is an example of a relational strategy that guides open networks to align their assets and innovate



Stories from Allendale

Highway Planners are threatening to run over the inner-city Shreveport Louisiana neighborhood of Allendale with a limited access expressway. It is a destructive plan that will repeat past mistakes in Shreveport that are easy to see if you look at the city through the eyes of a new paradigm. The world seems to be in the process of awakening to the destructive nature of these expensive and destructive entitlement roadways that are a root cause for the unsustainable patterns of growth that are experienced by cities, like Shreveport, that seem unwilling to embrace the prosperity of smarter growth.

Attached is a document with stories from Allendale that share the lives of special people that are rebuilding a community in the path of the highway planners. Allendale residents were introduced to the power of story telling by Annette Simmons, behavioral scientist and author of The Story Factor, Territorial Games, Safe Place for Dangerous Truths and Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins. Annette shared knowledge she uses in her consulting business to teach Allendale residents to tell stories that influence. The training was amazing and the stories reflect her ability to help us communicate more effectively.  Terri Thrash, an author living in Allendale who has written Evidence and Ulterior Motives, joined Loop-It and is providing editing assistance to help other residents add their stories of Allendale.

Together we are learning that these monster roads have been the equivalent of dropping bombs on our cities, and yet, the leaders of communities seem stuck in an old paradigm that does not allow them to see the obvious. At the end of each story is a link to cities around the world that are tearing down and blocking the same type of road being promoted to add another congestion creating cut to Shreveport.

LOOP-IT Allendale Stories 10.14.13