Allendale Learning Community’s Bibliography – Facts for a Local Business Boulevard connecting I-49 through Inner-city Shreveport

Our hope is in learning together we can grow our collective creative capacities to change our communities. The path to the future begins with us. We invite you to come join the Allendale Learning Community. We are focused on finding better alternatives to city-killing cut-through expressways. This downloadable PDF document at the end of this article contains a bibliography of articles, research papers, podcasts and videos shared on the Loop-It 49 Facebook Page. Each information source is actively linked and each associated Loop-It 49 post is also linked. This research supports the following neighborhood organization positions:

  • Separate Local business traffic from through traffic – mixing both categories of traffic creates congestion, pollution and reduction in business activity.
  • A business boulevard is a reasonable alternative for local traffic. When designed as a “complete street the vibrancy and uniqueness of a community can thrive.

The bibliography articles are organized into two categories. The first set of articles provide support and information the a boulevard is a smarter alternative as an inner-city connector for I-49. The second set of articles reveal problems with the failed experiment of inner-city urban freeways. Among the articles is research that describe flows in the traffic and economic modeling used to justify destroying neighborhoods and cities with highway meg-projects. All articles in each category are organized by date posted on the Loop-It 49 Facebook page with recent posts listed first.

2016.3.18 Research Bibliography from the Allendale Neighborhood Learning Community